Interview: Five | Six Textiles

We’ve found the perfect African woven pillows, throws, and home goods from Five | Six Textiles. Global textiles make your space look beautifully modern, eclectic and warm. That’s because authentic pieces are hand-made by artisans who have passed down their weaving techniques and meaningful designs for centuries. But beware, there are many fake replicas that are on-trend yet lack the cultural depth of the originals. Five | Six Textiles sells the real deal. 

Five | Six Textiles is a home decor brand that honors the heritage of traditional woven textiles from Côte d’Ivoire. Designed in Brooklyn and hand woven in collaboration with the Dyula weavers of Waraniéné, their textiles are mindfully crafted for the contemporary home.

We asked Emma Wingfield, the co-founder of Five | Six Textiles, how how she came up with the idea for her artisan-to-consumer brand, which brings the art of traditional textiles straight to your home for a fair price and fair support of the makers and their communities.

What sparked the idea for Five | Six Textiles?

Five | Six Textiles started with a conversation and a desire to preserve a one-of-a-kind ancient form of textile production. I met the weaving collective in 2014 while on a research trip studying the artistic development of master craftsmanship in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa.

After the initial meeting, Vali, the head of the weaving collective came to my hotel and asked if I knew anyone willing to help them with product development and bringing their traditional forms of weaving to an international audience. Combining my background in West African art, my business partner’s (Laine Henry) background in design, and the collective’s craftsmanship, we created a line of home goods that celebrate their beautiful traditional motifs and translate them into products that seamlessly mesh with a well-traveled home.

What makes your brand the best in the game?

Over the past few years, vintage African cloth and mud cloth have risen through the ranks of enviable home decor. The problem is that these items are very rarely genuine and/or bought directly from the artisans who produced them. Our textiles are handmade, incredibly durable, and beautifully woven. Our design inspiration is born out of an interest in bridging the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics to create unique handmade products. By working directly with the artisans we are able to support a practice that is dangerously close to extinction while also bringing these unique patterns (they aren’t produced anywhere else in the world!) to market.

We have worked closely with the artisans to ensure that every aspect of the process is manual. The thread is hand spun and dyed, strung on to hand-built looms, and woven into strips, then stitched together. From bed blankets to table linens, each piece is one-of-a-kind and because it is 100% raw cotton, the textile will patina with your use, imbuing it with your story.

– Emma Wingfield, Co-Founder of Five | Six Textiles

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