Interview: Pop & Bottle

We love Pop & Bottle for making our favorite almond milk lattes with simply superfood ingredients. The satisfying and nourishing treats are not only delicious but they are the healthiest option on the shelf. Find out why in our interview with cofounder Blair Fletcher.


What sparked the idea for Pop & Bottle?

“Jash and I met in London years ago where we became great friends. We both ended up relocating to the Bay Area in 2013 and were absolutely blown away by the food culture on the West Coast, especially compared to the UK which had not yet gone through its own wellness revolution. We learned a lot about the benefits of plant-based food and began to incorporate it into our own diets as much as possible. Almond milk is a staple of any plant-rich diet, and we were shocked to discover that everything on the grocery store shelf was riddled with emulsifiers and thickeners, loaded up with sugar, and contained almost no almonds. We started Pop & Bottle in 2015 to change the status quo: to provide our customers (and ourselves!) with plant-rich drinks that are genuinely healthful, delicious and convenient.”

Pop & Bottle Almond Milk

What makes your Pop & Bottle the best in the game?

Our almond lattes are not only plant-rich, but also supercharged with the highest quality superfood ingredients – like Maca root, Cacao and Turmeric. Additionally, we use organic dates to sweeten instead of any added, processed or artificial sugar. 

We believe in using super simple ingredients and our lattes contain absolutely no nasties. Thickening and emulsifying agents, such as carrageenan, gellan gum, locust bean gum, sunflower lecithin, etc., are really common in dairy alt and the wider beverage category, and are increasingly found to be associated with poor gut health. We started Pop & Bottle to give our customer a new, better choice.

– Blair Fletcher, co-founder of Pop & Bottle

Pop & Bottle Almond Milk

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